Jack Chandler Landscape Artist



August 3, 2017

Jack Chandler is one of the leading landscape designers and artists in Northern California. Often identified as a founder of the Napa Valley School of Design, Chandler has been an artistic innovator for the last four decades. Chandler’s art is multi-disciplined, ranging from landscape design and sculptures to lighting, furniture and wall hangings. His landscapes are sweeping, open, and make full use of native plants and sustainable elements. His art is frequently represented through the medium of steel, although he also frequently uses steel accented with a water feature. Chandler has completed landscape designs for many Napa Valley wineries and residences and his sculpture is included in numerous prominent private and museum collections.

Hill Zoog has crafted Jack Chandler’s image for the past 20 years, helping his promote his landscape design and art through public relations, and also providing branding and marketing services.


  • Public Relations
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Material
  • Portfolio Development
  • Letterhead Material