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Our team includes senior executives, senior project managers, social media experts, and in-house writers, web designers and graphic designers. Read the bios of our principals Ann Hill and Jack Zoog, and our Public Relations Senior Consultant Jody Privette Young below.

Ann Hill

Principal & CEO

  • • Bio

    Ann Hill, CEO of Hill Zoog, has over three decades of experience in marketing, advertising, public relations and social media. As principal of Hill Zoog, Hill leads HZ’s efforts in the creation and implementation of award-winning marketing, public relations and social media campaigns. Hill works nationally and internationally for a range of clients, including those in technology, luxury retail, health care, design and construction, education and many other sectors.

    Hill graduated magna cum laude from Ohio State University with a Masters Degree in Journalism and taught journalism at Franklin University. She developed her award-winning writing style as a feature writer and investigative reporter with various newspapers in the South and MidWest. After her journalism career, Hill worked for the Ohio AFL-CIO and served as an aide in the Ohio Senate.  She helped  many groups in the MidWest to promote the equality of women, including becoming a founding member of the Columbus, Ohio chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus.  She was also a state lobbyist for the National Organization for Women. As a member of the leadership team of the Ohio AFL-CIO, Hill worked with the Ohio Education Association to hold early trainings for women from both parties who wanted to enter politics.  Hundreds of women attended these weekend trainings, and many of them later entered politics in Ohio, holding many elected and appointed offices and altering the political landscape.

    Hill opened her first  advertising agency in 1978 in Columbus.  Her agency managed many statewide and local political campaigns, and also ran statewide initiatives. In addition, Hill’s company represented the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce, the Huntington Bank and the Lazarus Department stores in several initiatives, including the development of a major interstate.

    After Hill relocated to California, she continued her work in advertising  and marketing.Among her many successful PR campaigns for Hill Zoog are projects for the renovation of the San Francisco Opera, the historic renovation of San Francisco City Hall, and various initiatives on behalf of UC Berkeley Extension, The Marin Symphony’s Bob Weir and the Grateful Dead Benefit, and DUX Beds.  Hill also developed public relations campaigns for the clothing and accessory line LoudMouth, as well as for a number of  leading General Contracting and electrical contracting companies, including Rudolph and Sletten, C.W. Driver, Level 10 Construction, Novo Construction, Cupertino Electric, and Redwood Electric Group.

    She is also known for her Public relations and marketing work on behalf of associations, including many Chapters of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). Hill has created programs for the San Francisco Electrical Contractors Association, the Silicon Valley Electrical Contractors Association, NorCAL NECA Electrical Contractors Association, and the Southern Colorado Electrical Contractors Association. She also works extensively with various trade unions, including various chapters of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

    Within the technology industry, Hill has spearheaded the campaing to introduce the Korus wireless speaker into the consumer electronics market for Core Brands, a division of Nortek.  She also works frequently with technology system integraotrs, including Integrated Communication Systems (ICS), highlighting work with Crestron, ETS, Christie Digital and Other strategic partners.

    Within the Health Care industry, Hill has conducted many campaigns for ArthroCare, a leading medical device maker, as well as recruitment for clinical trials.  Other healthcare clients include the National Ecxema Association, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, Elan Pharmaceuticals, the Assocation of Occupational Health Professionals, the Polyanalgesic Consensus Panel, Global Aids Interfaith Alliance and Network for A Healthy California.

    Hill has served on several nonprofit boards in the areas of healthcare and education. Hill Zoog regularly provides pro bono services to various non-profit institutions, including those affiliated with education, youth outreach and AIDS awareness.


Jack Zoog

Principal & President

  • • Bio

    Jack Zoog is a principal at Hill Zoog, where he directs all graphic design, web design and interactive design projects. An internationally-acclaimed designer, Zoog has nearly 30 years of award-winning graphic design to his credit.

    Jack Zoog employs a European approach to graphic design. The objective of this approach is to provide visual communication solutions that speak to the target audience in the most direct, simple and effective manner possible. The essence of this approach is to simplify the message so that the materials communicate visually, independent of language.

    Jack’s approach is at once minimalistic, powerful and to the point. It is also balanced, with carefully-integrated color, graphical elements, and text.

    Jack’s approach to visual communications has been winning awards and achieving outstanding results for clients since the 1970s. His work has encompassed many different fields, including technology, design and construction, business-to-business, professional services, and political consultancy.

    Jack’s work for the Ohio Senate, the Ohio House of Representatives and for various political campaigns, resulted in a record number of winning campaigns. These results speak directly to Jack’s approach, which is to create aesthetically-pleasing materials that also address and solve marketing communication problems.

    Jack’s results-oriented approach continues to achieve outstanding results for Hill Zoog clients. A key to Jack’s overall success is his strategic approach to visual communications problems/issues. Jack works directly with clients to help define each client’s goals and objectives.

    This approach, in conjunction with Hill Zoog’s extensive market research, enables the creation of award winning brands and materials that clearly define each client’s strategic marketing goals, leading to heightened brand awareness and increased sales.

    Jack completed his undergraduate work in graphic design and visual communications at Ohio State University, at a time when the school curriculum was led by many European designers. He traveled to Europe to pursue advanced studies in graphic design and visual communications, studying under renowned Italian, Swiss and German graphic designers.

    Upon completion of his formal studies, Jack helped build the graphic design department for Design Collective, a branding, graphic design and space-planning firm. Following his work at the Design Collective, Jack established his own design and branding company at the age of 27, and has been providing clients with design leadership and vision ever since.


Jody Privette Young

Public Relations Senior Consultant

  • • Bio

    Jody is passionate about strategic communications. She brings to her clients more than 20 years of traditional marketing and public relations theory blended with leading-edge techniques for creating high-visibility in broadcast, digital and print media, social media and circles of industry influence to propel companies and products into local and national spotlights.

    As an Alexander Communications (acquired by Ogilvy) account director, Jody led one of the firm’s largest account teams, managing what became known as the agency’s renowned eCommerce communications group. Under her direction, this stellar Internet and eCommerce communications team developed public relations programs for Hewlett-Packard (HP), Novell, InterTrust, NetGravity (now DoubleClick), Calico Software, NetBot, and others.

    She also directed world-class campaigns, including a Digital Internet Imaging campaign for HP culminating in a New York City event attended by hundreds of journalists, analysts, and customers, to name one example. Other campaign examples include:

    • a Washington, D.C. technology laboratory dedication for Novell that received high-profile federal leadership recognition

    • a corporate positioning campaign for InterTrust that put the company on the global map as the digital media security middleware solution of choice for leading entertainment and technology customers

    • a video game launch wherein the game premiered on major game magazine covers at launch while also being featured as a back drop during the concert tours of a famous rock band

    • launch of a space exploration Nintendo product in conjunction with a free "Win A Trip to Space Camp" with the NASA Space Camp for Kids program, to name a few.

    Jody is also a former vice president of corporate communications for the publicly-held broadband services company SoftNet Broadband Systems, Inc., with its subsidiaries, ISP Channel, Aerzone, and LaptopLane.  During her tenure, the company raised in excess of $300 million in private placements, achieved a billion-dollar market cap, and secured partnership deals with PCCW, Cisco, Nokia, CMGI, and several national cable operators. Her public relations efforts also helped the company secure cable internet access deals with leading cable operators including Charter, Cablevision, Adelphia, Comcast, Cox, Mediacom, and Advance Communications.

    In addition to driving positive media relations results, Jody has managed partner PR programs with an array of companies, including J.C. Penney, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, Sony, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Mattel, Sega, Nintendo of Japan, Cisco, HTC, Samsung, NBC, LG, Verizon and others.

    Rounding out Jody’s professional experience is her educational, avocational and non-profit involvement.  She has been a member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). She is an avid participant in non-profit “for cause” work, globally and locally.  She has an B.A. degree is in mass media with an emphasis on public relations from California State University, Northridge, where she also studied classical vocal music.


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