Core Brands

Consumer Electronics, Music/Audio, Retail, Technology


August 11, 2017

Core Brands markets and distributes many iconic and award-winning audio, power management and control brands, including Korus, Niles, Speakercraft and Sunfire.

Among its many innovations, Core Brands has launched the SKAA-based Korus wireless speaker system to the consumer electronics market.  The Korus launch, including  public relations and trade show relations, has been managed by Hill Zoog.

“The Hill-Zoog team was instrumental in gaining substantial exposure for the launch of our Korus wireless speaker brand. They really “got inside” the Korus brand and helped develop and implement a compelling positioning. The team brought strategic opportunities to us above and beyond just securing reviews and placements, and they were tireless in their enthusiasm. I particularly appreciated that they always brought a strong perspective to initiatives and were not afraid to tell their client (us) when they thought we were veering off-brand. I highly recommend their work.”Bill Hensley, Director of Marketing Communications, Core Brands


  • Public Relations
  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Press Releases
  • Media Outreach
  • Wire Services
  • Design
  • Tradeshow/Event Management